How to Work out What Body Shape You Have

Are you square-shaped, apple-shaped or pear-shaped? Knowing your body shape will help you to choose what clothes to buy and which parts of your body to show off. Learning about the individual shapes and comparing your body type to each one will enable you to figure out which classic shape most closely matches your own.
   Find your Body Shape This will help you customize your workout routines and the clothes you wear. Accentuate your best features. Those will depend on your body type. You want to work with it, rather than against it. For example, a brick body top would do well emphasizing a smaller stomach and bum, while a cello would wear wide v-neck to accentuate her breasts.
Work out your "trouble" areas. Although you may not be able to change your body shape, you can make these areas more attractive through various weight training exercises and aerobics. A bell or pear could focus on firming up her derriere, and an apple may want to shrink that tummy a bit with various abdominal work.

   Change up your wardrobe. For example, if you have a fat bum wear "magic underwear" which slims your belly, bum and thighs. (if you don't know where to get them just search in Google). 1. Just over half of women are happy with their body shape—however this means that the other just under half are unhappy. Don't be one of the people dissatisfied with how you look—embrace it!  2. If you are skittle/bowling pin shaped, take fashion tips from other skittles like Taylor Swift or Halle Berry.  3. Work out what parts of your body you want to show off, eg. if you have great boobs buy a dress which shows them off. Or if you have a great tummy wear a bikini rather than a tankini to show it off
Compare these shapes. You know your body, you live in it! Take a look at the shapes below, and see which ones you think come closest to your own.
   The Hourglass. An hourglass figure features a near-perfect shoulder-hip ratio (meaning they are about the same proportionately) with a defined (proportionately narrow) waist. Grace Kelly is a classic icon of the hourglass figure. Modern hourglass women include Candice Swanepoel and Nina Dobrev. The Cello. A cello is a slightly wider hourglass figure. The cello woman is proportional, with broad shoulders, large breasts, a short but not too tiny waist, curvy hips, bum, and thighs, and slim lower legs. Natasha Henstridge is a classic cello.

  The Vase. Vase women are almost hourglass shaped, only less so; they are pears with big chests. The vase features large breasts, gently curving, longish waist, hips proportional to boobs, and slim legs. The classic Playboy bunny look. Some contemporary vases include Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.  Pear. Definitely a classic shape, revered by artists throughout the centuries, the pear-shaped woman features a small top (shoulders and chest, not necessarily bust), possibly a round tummy, larger bum, and wider hips and thighs. Marilyn Monroe is a classic pear shape.
  Skittle—like a bowling pin, not the candy! The skittle woman is similar to a pear, without the saddlebags and larger bum. The skittle woman has long, slim top half with small-to-average-sized breasts, a slim waist, a small tummy and wider at the hips and thighs. Halle Berry is considered a skittle, as are Taylor Swift, Audrey Hepburn, and Kate Middleton.
Bell. The bell woman features small shoulders, average-to-large bust, a short waist, big thighs, and a wide, probably flat bottom. Christina Hendricks, Kat Dennings, and Scarlett Johansson are examples of the bell-shaped woman.
   Apple. The apple woman is, like an her namesake, round. She is endowed with average or large breasts, a belly larger than her boobs, a flat bottom, and nice legs. Kathy Bates is an example of an apple-shaped woman, while a slimmer version is Kate Upton.
Column. The column woman has an athletic body type, is long and lean, and light on the curves. Shoulder width is equal to hip width, small or average breasts, slight waist, longer legs. Nicole Kidman is a classic Celtic column, along with Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Emma Watson, and classic sex kitten Rita Hayworth.
   Cornet. Another athletic body type, the cornet woman has broad shoulders, small breasts, not much of a waist, slim hips, and long slim legs. Cameron Diaz is a great example of the cornet shape.
Lollipop. Big on top, tiny at the bottom, the lollipop girl sports large breasts with a slight waist, slim hips, and long legs. Katy Perry is an example of the lollipop in modern celebrity.
Goblet. The goblet woman has big shoulders, large breasts, a bit of a tummy, small or no waist, narrow hips, and long legs. Think Catherine Zeta Jones and you're on the right track.
Brick. Square shaped. Like a diamond. Brick women have broad shoulders, no waist, average to large breasts, average tummy, flat bottom, and solid legs. If you're thinking that doesn't sound sexy.