How to Make Breast Look Firm Under Clothes Without a Bra

Many women cannot wear a bra with the latest backless dresses. Many women choose not to wear a bra for reasons of comfort. However, that is no excuse to have saggy looking breasts with your outfit. 1. Look for a thicker top. This will help prevent nip-slip. 2. Use double stick tape if your breasts are particularly saggy to lift them. 3. Work out so that your pecs will be firm. This enlarges and firms the bust. 4. Stand up straight. This helps prevent breasts from looking weak. 5. Wear camis. There are camis with built in bras that offer extremely light support, these may be suitable if you do not want an uncomfortable bra. 

Before contemplating surgery consider everything you can do to make your breasts appear bigger. 1. Potions, supplements and creams are all snake oil. Your breast size is controlled by genetics and the pituitary gland in your brain. Products that sound too good to be true, are.  2. Bulgarian beer has no effect on the size of your breasts, either. (See link below.)  3. Chicken or other foods have no effect on your breast size.  4. Drinking lots of water is good for you, but will not change the size of your breasts.  5. Your sleeping position has no effect.  6. Whether you wear a bra or not has no effect.  7. Rubbing or squeezing your breasts will not change their size.  8. Breasts do not get bigger with sex, or lack of sex.  9. Pumps and machines will not increase the size of your breasts.  10. Breast size is partially controlled by estrogen, so when taking the birth control pill some women will get larger breasts, while others will not. Such a change cannot be counted on and is considered a side-effect.  11. Pregnancy increases bust size for the duration of the pregnancy and nursing period; afterwards they go back to their normal size and sometimes get smaller than they were before.  12. Breasts contain fat cells.