How to Tape Your Breast to Make Them Look Bigger

Are you tired of having hardly any cleavage at all? Here's an article that will tell you how to get you your desired cleavage!
      A. Purchase a good quality and reliable tape. You want a tape that will stick and won't lose it's hold. You also need a bra, and some tissues or anything to put in the excess space. B. Hold your breast up to the desired amount of cleavage. Don't make it too much, or people will know that you faked it. C. Tape. Get the tape (preferably a thick tape) and tape the bottom part of the breasts all the way around your body until it stays and you have the cleavage that you want. D. Put your bra on. There will be excess space under the breast where you taped. So get a few tissues, a falsie (fake breast), Or anything that won't irritate your skin and that will stay in the space. E. Put an appropriate blouse or top on that will make the cleavage look real and stand out. Add a few accessories so it doesn't look too much like you're trying to show off your cleavage.

    Tips  1. Don't use duct tape because you might have an allergic reaction to the adhesive, or it may leave red marks when you remove it.  2. Buy the widest bandage you can, to give a smooth appearance to your bust area.  3. A good alternative to adhesive tape is a stretchy Ace bandage. You can buy one from any store that sells first aid supplies, such as a drug store. This kind of bandage is not sticky, but instead has a metal clasp. If you need to protect yourself from the clasp, or to hold the end of the bandage tight, use a small strip of ordinary first-aid adhesive tape.  3. If you`re using adhesive tape, shave or wax the area under your breast. This will make it easier to remove. When you pull the adhesive tape off. remove it carefully so that you don't hurt the area underneath your breasts.  4. Look in the mirror to change anything or put accessories on.